St Nicholas' Church

St Nicholas Church

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The Rector                        01293 862343  
The Rev W G Campen
The Rectory
Charlwood RH6 0EE


Lorne Cox                            01293 862224   

Paul Mount                          01737 243588    


John Sharples                      01293 776424   

Beth McLean                        01293 785974  

PCC Treasurer

Patrick Cox                           01293 862224   

Nics Mix and other children’s activities

Beth McLean                        01293 785974   

Mothers’ Union

Gill Mason                             01293 862655   


Lorne Cox                            01293 862224   

Flower arrangers

Katie Kett                              01293 863076   

The Nicholas room

This modern room, which seats about 30, with its own entrance, toilet and kitchen, is available for hire  Contact  Hilary Sewill     01293 862373           

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St Nicholas' Church stands at the centre of the village. People have been worshipping here since the church was built in c.1080. The church is within the Diocese of Southwark. Services are held every Sunday, and all are welcome. 

There are a variety of services to suite different tastes, ranging from the  traditional services of the 'Book of Common Prayer' to modern 'Common Worship' services and to the informality of 'Family Services.'  There are also special activities for children. 

The church is open daily for quiet prayer or for you to view this historic building. 

So, whether you are passing through on your way to the nearby Gatwick Airport or you live in the locality, we hope you will be able to visit or worship here.

Bill Campen